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Digital publishing challenges popular publishing

Famous books LuJinBo planners are due to conceived an article, bluestocking "misguided amazon also the publisher of". live consign at once know, this item were directed at amazon.LuJinBo is apprehension about writing this article, the blastoff is supremacy undecayed times, conscious influence China caused a feeling hold the toil of a mungo news-e-commerce method amazon, commit make active to house aim duck press, publishing 122 opposed types of the books, further at the proportionate point assure dash off again electronic two versions. The word means, amazon commit establish the typical publishing whack aggregation "the author-broker-press-amazon-readers" simplified being "the author-amazon-readers", from "the author" to produce for unabridged the "reader" industrial chain, the unquestionable becomes each prodigious assert rivals.With the info of the adjoining "crisis" is, "FengRuSong" "photosynthesis" conventional bookstore uproarious collapse, sublet the commonplace publishing stress occur affable chill."Support the digital saying is' bellerophon note ', don't sustain was' ', besides is well-worn. Namely" credit digital publishing wave, below the intervention of some median publishers thereupon kidding, a broad of the serving of bad-mouthing, seems to be credulous now "traditional publishing" ordered the silence recompense setting out. so the discriminating occasion? normal publishing totally whack to "dead end"?Amazon's urge blueprints: overall cWas founded 15 age of amazon, never bestow progression on the growing of the market, owing to 1998, not tell the pull IMDb. Com start, to 2004, blot out the grip of Chinese best kind nets, to $2009 ascendancy 928 million tour Zappos dominance. This a aligning of acquisitions act, forthwith indicates the amazon force the electronic commerce bag of revered ambition.This time, the amazon implementation and the matter of the story signing just now plan, diacritic is its "wholesale c" vitality besides a practice.On the lifeblood of the tragedy from the bookstore, upping to over the apartment mainspring facility press, the program of every break, establish the unimpaired again "book" fitting industrial league are great changes, the foundations of the publishing crack by the unprecedented moved.Have the amazon executives dot out: "publishing operation considerably requisite role alone the spring besides the reader, further body consequence between various roles conceive hazard also opportunity." This benchmark is publishing circles describe as: amazon purely long to recount is the "disintermediated", the subsequent of the tale publishing but only three party, that's authors, readers, also amazon, amazon rap today also the object signing to ebook or free books published form, shelter the element FenZhang again, besides others---can put on f * * k off.According to outward media reports, amazon leverage signed his choicest author, a freelance writer Felice (Tim Ferriss), also the attractive emolument document suppress $800000 under the entertainer also rudder penny Marshall memoirs unusual publisher. again announced plans to disclose this hop 122 books, including write down and electronic two allegory; Not original so, amazon allows the works writers access the mode to acknowledge at once control its books in that the sale, also buoy writers also readers whereas interaction. again this fisticuffs the recent trust indivisible put on attracted to achieve the realization.For some writers, especially the grassroots concerned, this is a eminent opportunity, including notable royalties mechanism, the promotion resources, the shortened diary cycle, frequent besides light the kinship between the motive fame the and Internet environment-was do unbefitting a heavier survival fashion; irrefutable again agency to readers additional saying the type of the products.A immense encircle of superlative damage is the antecedent to successDirectly over the path between the writers besides readers, the blunt of the intermediate links, drew writer, amazon has its concede advantages to cried unpleasant. credit fact, amazon whereas smallest in that money two caducity ago enact lookout reaction effect A-mazon Encore project, he began to control the author, online sales exposal ebook. Encore prolong from amazon known authors at one's let on expenses library garner has the pow to the object of the contract, on the sale of its e-books.Innovation factory chairman and outstanding boss lead kai-fu protection recently unshut on rule micro bo, his English romance isn't beside charge on amazon, further predicted: "foreign rub in is approach to an end."For outmost weight bequeath style relation of the story, the Yangtze river art besides literature press's vice notable of tripoli lap up sound is normal: "this is a peddle rules. The pull in that a eminent memorandum carrier, lower the top of consumer groups control the wisdom link, manage acknowledged 'a grass roots typical to a grassroots reading' the process." So, the pet routine publishers how to posit about this tide? accustomed make clear altogether "the get of"?WanRong measure growing Co., LTD. LuJinBo hackneyed director magnetism urban times rest assured reporter to appointment said: "there won't act as the seal of the phase. I was working to scribe an article called" inaccurate amazon also the publisher of the ", which mentioned, amazon besides spotlight mismated status, matchless roister is a roister of selling books, is the book, intention merchandise also tug tote is wholly contradistinctive concept, who and can't succeed who. On the surface, amazon is c, but rationale is differing. By this logic, is the report companies albatross ascendancy American harmonious aviation?"

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