Important Book Of Our Times

me again i will post some more review on this blog on the newest books i bought !

P.s for those who dont know i am  AcQuArIuS my self , so it is in my deuty to discover another part of my self!!
on the next article i will explain why Acquarius is realeted to 2012!! if you have read some articles on acquarius in this blog you should already know what i am talking about.

so here are some asspects of this book's i just finished reading:

A Book That Brings Together All Aspects Of 2012: Our Past, Present, And Future. There Is No Need To Be Frightened, As The Future Is Beautiful. Start Promoting The Knowledge Of 2012 Enlightened To Your List And You Will Be Rewarded.

A Brown Dwarf Star with its own planetary system is on a 3600-year elliptical orbit around our Sun... and is about to intermingle with our solar system in 2012. NASA has suppressed this information for Global Security Reasons.

Past Civilizations

 Brad explains why our civilization is on the brink - exposing secrets and knowledge of the past, present, and future... and, disclosing the Real Story about Who We Are.
A Rise In Natural Disasters Is Not Just Coincidence

Alien Presence

Read the full speech John F Kennedy was to give on the day of his assasination. ".. Citizens of this Earth, we are not alone. God, in His infinite wisdom, has seen fit to populate His universe with other beings - intelligent creatures such as ourselves... Though this news may sound fantastic - and indeed, terrifying"

Secret Societies

Sacred knowledge of our ancient past has been kept secret and hidden by the Illuminati, Vatican, and Secret Societies. What is their connection and powerful influence within our global governments, WTO, CODEX, WHO...
A complete understanding of who we are, and where we're going.

Survival and Transformation

We are coming into the most magnificent time in our history, a time of regeneration of our mother earth and spiritual transformation. The hidden divine knowledge of the past ages is finally translated and revealed in an easy to comprehend formula.

Be Your Own Guru

In his book, Brad teaches you to become your own Guru. How to prepare yourself mentally, physically and spiritually within - to evolve beyond the physical events of 2012

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