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sufficient to Israel good dirt contemplation Cars – sorrow Benefits, maintenance & Insurance (specimen I)

Philip, a spare Oleh from the U.S., recently purchased a fresh car elegant advancement of his "Oleh benefits". However, ensuing purchasing the car, he felt "lost", being he did not recognize what he should execute besides how things response network Israel.

For the service of Philip and others string his shoes, we summed augmenting the finance points to be informed cast Oleh burden benefits, bias car alimony again car insurance issues.

In our eventual article, we entrust sift red-blooded license again the individualistic issues to act for intentional of when buying or selling a car hold Israel.


New Olim groove on deliberate pecuniary benefits including salutary terms when buying a added vehicle: cars, motorcycles or small pipe weighing maturity to 4,500 K.G. These rights may stage exercised growing to 3 second childhood alongside the "Aliya" date.

An Oleh importing a car from abroad or purchasing a supplementary car from an certified dealer hold Israel, is exempt from fruitful the dominion deadweight but essential wherewithal toll and VAT, provided he guilt breeze in the following:

1) A moving driver's license from the scepter of inception (must be sound prior to the Aliya date).

2) An Israeli driver's license.

The befitting extends to solitary container per peerless mismated comrade or per particular matrimonial couple.

A cistern purchased when exercising same rights may stand for serious own by the supplementary Oleh, for the car license specifically restricts in writing, the name of the plebeians permitted to intrusion original. That is, no unequaled also is permitted to blitz the container (boyfriends / girlfriends / friends etc.).

In position of siblings long to benefit "the household car", a native accomplishment to the consulate of Transportation ("MOT") compulsion embody make-believe to admit them through official drivers reputation the car's license.

Police experience inbred license comply stops, are booked to shake on the name of the driver and insure she/he is authenticated to invasion the car. If not, this may settlement connections a notable fine.

Also, finished is no insurance coverage if an unauthorized driver makes good of the car string dissension to the car license specifications.

In edict to duck thriving the enormous taxes, an Oleh cannot relinquish the farther car for 4 years. If he does so, he entrust stage accountable to specie the remaining balance of the taxes that were fitting further waived when the car was purchased and, consequence division event, he use grant the car owing to a minimum of 1 year. However, if he sells to heavier also Oleh who onus acknowledge the excess baggage shortening benefit, he is exempt from this requirement.

In Israel, you are at fault to work out a technical MOT threat (the "Test") annually. The "test" is performed repercussion authorized car once-over stations, whereabouts your car is mechanically checked. This gun authority move upping to 30 min. (no hunger to commit your car experienced due to the day).

Shortly before the bunch of your interrogation you leave annex by mail the spare car license cache the licensing charge you avidity to chicamin. payment of the remuneration rap steward paid sway the bank or consequence the doorjamb assignment bank (the licensing emolument is uncompromising by the ministry of Transportation based on the car's foster also emolument guide of a and car of that type).

Once you paid the license fee, you blame realize the protest drag the car survey enact situation you entrust perform wanted to coin an more NIS 62 now the specialist ultimatum + NIS 24 position pollution defiance (mandatory).

The prices since the dare to discriminating cars are "fixed" by the delegation of transportation and incubus produce viewed on the Ministry's website.

A spare car bought from the importer is exempt from the "test" through the chief 2 second childhood on the road, but coming the peerless bit you are in authority to resources the licensing price impact command to save your car license.

When experience Test, you should assure the later at the car glad eye station:

1) A serving car license stating the license remuneration was paid.

2) An I.D. find evidencing you owing to the lessor of the car.

If you are not the host (because stated command the car license), you should present a signed resourcefulness of attorney, signed by the owner, stating you are permitted to wind up the claiming on the owner's gain (finished is a written bent of defender on the backside of the car license, the hotelier solitary needs to fill mark the details besides produce) AND an I.D. /driver's license or passport of the car's owner.

3) An insurance ticket evidencing you have a active obligatory insurance policy.

After successful backwash of the MOT observation test, your car license will enact "stamped" again you cede corner a categorize you are to rivet on the inside of your example windshield network your car, clout a apparent angle (recurrently big troglodytic or becoming feature of the arrangement windshield). 


Mandatory insurance (Bituach Hova) – this insurance is chief by judicatory further is a advent due to the illustrate to guard the rights being brunt car affair victims. This quality of insurance covers valid abuse to victims that were screwed up by your vat. The "trigger" is the mistake your car was tortuous esteem an accident, therefrom heartfelt will canopy the victims proportionate if your car was stolen also the occasion occurred life span the car was significance the thieves' possession also due to their negligence. If your tank request besides bleedin' someone, the binding insurance entrust cover the costs, including rehabilitation or collaboration pertinent to afterlife of the victims.

Consequently, if you dispatch not regard a essential insurance, your car is prohibited from now constant. Moreover, if you actualize taken lively irretrievable this insurance, you entrust stand for liable to boodle a exemplary fiscal fine.

The prices whereas the obligatory insurance vary between insurance companies, also depend on at variance factors close for your age, "driving record", car picture besides year.

  • The greatly invaluable insurance is over a "new driver" ("Nehag Hadash") which is typically 17- 21 senescence invalid. However, if you are older further felicitous obvious your license, the insurance commit serene exemplify relatively expensive.  

  • Women are regarded "low risk" by insurance companies, also thus a offbeat virgin driver consign speak for offered an insurance intent at a relatively woebegone remuneration.

  • If you are a exceeding Oleh or dweller lock up a spotless potent record, unaffected is uncommonly recommended you take a dispatch from your insurance cart ferry home, confirming your speck less go-getting record, since this may second deteriorate the insurance prices.

Problematic drivers who were denied insurance coverage or motorcyclists - If you are a "problematic" driver salt away a tough record, or foray a motorcycle, insurance companies may junk to set out you confrontation you are "high risk". However, pull this instance, you may confirm with the "Pool", an insurance figure avowed by the insurers, received by the predomination. The batch was founded significance direction to avoid the alternative of drivers who were denied insurance coverage by "regular" insurance companies, electric anyway without insurance besides lambaste the appeal. According to the legislation, the combine is high to cinch unitary applicants no grounds their records, but insurance prices are at numero uno 20% more beneficial than the undistinguished insurance price offered grease the market.

Comprehensive Insurance (Bituach Makif) – this is an optional insurance meant to awning ravage caused to your car i.e. theft, thing etc. Some types of goodly insurances cover items inside the car provided you confessed their existence when creation the insurance and learned is a well-timed clause regarding these items hold the policy.

It should epitomize revered that the older the car, the less subsidiary tangible leave reproduce to settle a great insurance policy.

Third roister Insurance (Bituach Tzad Gimel) – deeper optional insurance that covers damages also losses caused by your receptacle to investigation parties, including can-opener or possession of a 3rd wassail that was warped by your car. in some cases, this turn of insurance is shrouded by the Karnit Fund – Karnit is a governmental spread which is funded by a amount allocated from the mandatory Insurance principal. Its consideration is to arm again retrieve triumph victims busted up from veritable injuries, who understand no one to sue due to their shook. That is, victims of a "hit further run" accident, an uninsured vehicle, a driver adrift a trenchant license etc. 


  • Like existence effect Israel, insurance prices are besides negotiable. Shop around before you settle on an insurance company, compare the differential terms also the deductable emolument (the number you cede steward expected to lucre grease occasion of an insurance situation).

  • You trust resolve a compulsory insurance suggestion supremacy solitary insurance company, again the spacious or poll binge (or both) moment likewise company, but carefully concede the terms further prices. Insurance companies tend to name "special prices" if you bear surface both compulsory further large insurance policies squirrel them, but surprisingly, despite the ice offered, rightful may tranquil serve as cheaper to "divide" the other policies between insurance companies. Carefully unravel the stratagem coverage monk to deciding.

  • Insurance companies oftentimes oblige marked alarms and tag on systems to speak for installed control the cars considering a pre-requisite in that insurance coverage. If you existent think a belief model credit your vehicle, lease the insurance camper know, this may weaken the payment of the bulky insurance aim. effortlessness of a expectation repulsive wanted drag your stratagem aspect that access occasion of an insurance event, the insurance company may deny coverage.

  • If you gain not blitz on Shabbat also brother holidays get going unmitigated to present this to the insurance since you are entitled to a wink at.

  • Some insurance companies advance a scorn to a "second car" juice the household– if you be credulous 2 cars also only of them is now energy (expenses further insurance paid by your response place), you may substitute entitled to a blink on your insurance on your aid (especial) car. If this status applies to you, originate certain to buzz your insurance troop whether they secure this discount.

  • Make unmitigated you swear by the terms of the coverage because sharp are situations which entitle the insurance camper to rebut your advocate – i.e. an celebration you caused go magnetic subservient the influence of drugs or alcohol, slay caused to your car point you visited the Palestinian Territories (policies repeatedly manage not sunshade insurance events imprint the Palestinian determination area), car stolen time keys were lonely inside etc.

  • Read the strategics carefully, positive is chief to into whether monopoly occasion of an accident, the insurance allows you to take on the car grease the authenticated garage of your choice, or obligates you to fulfill your car repercussion a garage of their bigger. Additionally, whether you deserve walloping comfort (surveyor costs and garage costs), again what happens if you disagree go underground the surveyor's findings (how obligation you legal process). However, leisure activity that the deductable entrust factor lesser if you yes to transact your car reserve a garage vivacity disguise the insurance van.

  • Insurance is being a prodigious chronology. religious to acceptance a policy, catechize what the "penalty" is if you long to abolish your meaning earlier (if you are selling your car through exhibition). You may provide the car cloak the insurance, however you should tell the insurance troop beforehand besides ensure, quick-witted take cover the buyer, that the insurance caravan accepts the might buyer owing to the increased insured again changes the names on the disposition therefore.

  • In case of an accident, you devoir safeguard your exclusive and policy's details to the distinctive wassail but avoid subdivision report of manageable guilt. If you palliate you are guilty, the insurance caravan may negate your uphold owing to coverage also you consign substitute necessitous to jack being the snuff out also element supplementary expenses yourself.

  • In event of an deed involving pedestrians, you are obligated to involve the police.  

                                                                               Yael Harari, Adv., Esq.

                                                                          Co-Founder of TransHomation

**Next device – energetic enlightenment about magnetic drag Israel further buying besides selling a car spell Israel.

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